PORTRAITS & POEMS (for mama)



for sentimental mamas (every mama)


  • 45 minute session in a sweet & simple natural light studio @yarrowstudio

  • 15 digital images of you and your children

  • a one of a kind poem, on high quality archival paper, written on my typewriter, inspired by words from you and your children

  • 1 print of choice

  • mimosas


Spots are limited, reserve your session below


I’ve long identified as a creative person, seeking bottomless outlets to express how deeply I feel things. Ironically it wasn’t until I became a mother that I felt like an artist, despite the challenge of finding tangible time to create something other than my incredible daughters. My creations were always intangible until I held them in my arms. My art was suddenly alive but it wasn’t just their flesh, it was more elusive and abstract. It was and is a way of thinking, feeling and living, sacrificing and sharing, but only after the breaking and surrendering. When I’m asked how I’ve continued to pursue creative endeavors with children, it feels impossible to answer because they aren’t two separate things or easily checked off my to do list. I think maybe because they have melted into one, and I can no longer see art without them, or them without art. It is less about product and more about a feeling, and a way of seeing and living the life I’ve both chosen and been given. It’s a paradigm shift, inviting me into the deepest revelations of purpose and meaning.

Since the moment I started pursing photography professionally my deepest inspiration has been mothers and motherhood. I’ve boldly dreamed of creating an entire business just capturing motherhood in all its beautiful, achy, messy, magic. I’ve more quietly desired to write, and not just in the safety of my journal, and computer screen. I’m grateful to have shared my heart in a few small magazines and I have countless love letters to my daughters in my journals, instagram posts, and blog. But I’ve been consistently asking myself and this good, magical universe how all my greatest passions could come together and be shared with others. Because more than ever words bubble over the framework of my life. They stop me on the morning commute to school. I find them inside the bottom of my morning cup of coffee, and in the way the light moves around the serendipitous shapes of bodies on city streets. Interruptions or invitations, I suppose it is all in how you look at it, but my words have longed to amount to something more. There is an overflow, an abundance, as if they want a place in this world. And mothers, I just want to be around them, sharing our shortcoming and challenges and celebrating our incredible superpowers that don't get talked about or praised enough.

I’ve asked and waited, wondering how these passions and desires could fit, and the last few months it has started to reveal itself. All the things that make me, me. My past and all the experience that has led me to now…


s o u l f u l portraits + poems of m o t h e r h o o d !

I’ve never met a mother who feels like she gets good or ANY photographs with her children. Yet this this is one of the deepest relationships of the human experience. It is one of my deepest desires for mothers to get the opportunity to document the inexplainable bond and connection, the beauty and heartache, the mess, the chaos, the magic of motherhood. I want to show mothers just how magnificent they are, and how much their children adore them. We feel it with every breath, but to see it through someone else’s eyes is powerful and necessary. Perspective is everything, and hindsight can sometimes just be a photograph. I’ve often thought of my photographs as love letters to my children. A way for them to dive deeper into the past and themselves, and behind every photograph is the heart cry that they will see and feel all the ways their mama loved them.

Bringing poetry and portraits together feels like an aha or exhale, a resounding “yes!” This experience is something that I myself have craved and longed for, not just to offer but to receive. As a sentimental mama, this would be something that I would want to do for both myself and my daughters. Truly every age and stage of life is fitting, and a portrait + poem session with mama is forever relevant and meaningful.

All of this back story is to say how deeply excited I am to share this new project with you! I know with my whole heart that this is something you will never regret, only cherish for years to come.

I’ve got 6 spots available and have rented out a beautiful studio apartment with a very clean and minimal aesthetic. It’s a cozy spot to come with your children, listen to all my favorite feel good music, drink a mimosa or mocktail, listen to your sons or daughters craft a sweet poem about you (on my typewriter) and document exactly where you are at in this stage of life!