New York City

I went back to nyc for the first time since I left after my dance program. It was hard to wrap my brain around all that has happened since then. Travels, love, marriage, babies, heartache, more love, and adventure, just in a different sense. I left wanting something profound to happen, I thought maybe something needed to come full circle. I'm not so sure it did, but I had a damn good time. I talked, and danced, drank and ate with the wonderful people I shared an intense year of my life with 10 years ago. The reminiscing was the best, and maybe that is what I craved most. Remembering is good for my soul, and I don't often have the time and space for that with two little people who are counting on me to make magic happen. It was good to let my hair down, stay up late into the night, or early morning, and see the city all brand new. It was good to see myself, in new light but then realize that everything and nothing has changed since then. 

On my last night, over proseco and an amazing rooftop view, my dear friend and mentor talked about the difference between being a seeker and a finder. Naturally I am a seeker. I spent my teens and early twenties perpetually seeking. I came back to NYC with the same mindset, mind and muscle memory maybe. At first I felt kind of disappointed, something felt a little off, and it was more than my cancelled connecting flights and lost baggage 2 out of the 4 days of my trip. I heard his words, something clicked and it resonated with me. I thought that maybe now it's my time to exhale and observe, to coast, and let be. And find. I want to be a finder.

I brought my professional camera thinking I was going to get a lot of time to capture the city, but surprisingly I didn't use it once. These are all from my iPhone 5.