We go on "adventure walks," almost daily, rain or shine. There is no time constraint, no place to be, no plan to see through. One city block can easily take an hour because we say yes to every little thing that captures our attention. And sometimes if the air is just right the ally across the street turns into a wild jungle with tigers and other fierce animals. We are not always sure we will make it out alive. 

Bijou collects rocks and intentionally places them in her pockets. Octave captures bugs and worms (every bug and worm,) and declares them her pets, until she feels like "they are missing their mamas," and then she sets them free. There is never a shadow of a doubt that they won't make it back to their mama, no matter how far away we return them. Even the smallest form of life can find its way back home, or so we like to believe. 
My girls and I, we have made something out of nothing, our way of life, and I see now that these are the moments I was made for. We all are. Everything is an adventure if you just let it be.