"Love Tree"

I've been really excited about making videos with my canon 7d. I have little to no idea how to make a good quality video, and my jerky zooming is enough to almost make me sick, BUT I figured the only way to learn is to just experiment. I am quickly falling in love with these little videos of the girls. I feel like they are really accurate of the mundane things that fill our days, and yet it's always a little tricky because the day I decide to bring my camera a long and document, I am no longer able to be as present as I normally am or would like to be. I figure it's more than worth it, because 90% of our days really look and feel this way, at least to me and there is just something magical that photographs alone don't always capture. This little love tree is just a few blocks from us and we walk by it multiple times a week. The girls must have over 20 love notes, (mainly just tags with their names on them!) But this morning while on our way to the park it seemed appropriate to finally document all the sweet details. These videos are worth more than gold to me.