San Francisco Part 1

Jane was one the most influential women in my life and there is not a week that goes by that I don't think about her and miss her and wish I could share motherhood with her. This week my eyes are flowing with mostly happy tears to be reconnected with her babies, who are now young teens. To share stories and see all the things I loved about her in her children makes my heart feel joy with sudden pangs of heartache. She would be so proud of who they have become, and it seems so unfair that her family and this big crazy world can watch them grow, while their own mother cannot. But, when I look into her daughters eyes, she seems so close, so near, right here with us. If I listen close enough I can even hear her laugh. And when I see my own daughter look up to her Italian cousin the same way I looked up to her mama, it is more heart warming than words could ever express.