Red Wine + Sisters

Tonight I pour a glass of deep ruby red.  I taste beauty and feel joy but the potential is limited.  I am alone, without my sisters.  My soul sisters.  Jasmine is in Africa and Adrienne is a newlywed in Michigan.  Most shockingly, I am in Wyoming.  With words, I sandwich Adrienne between the two of us, because that is how she likes to be.  She is the nurturer, the comforter.  Jasmine, with humble confidence fits first, and on a side, with the space to fly.  I need time for reflection and perspective so I prefer the space on the end.  In sentences and life this is how we organize ourselves when we are together.

Tonight I am longing for my favorite humans to sit around a table, pour some red and savor flavors.  Together. Tonight, as I pour a glass of red, I realize my heart is different.  Really different.  I once named my heart a petit sirah.  The color, that is.  It happened one night in California when I was drinking a bottle of 2009 Spellbound Petit Sirah with my sisters.  When Jasmine poured, I gasped.  I had never seen a color so breathtaking.  I resonated with this color so deeply that I immediately branded it the color of my own heart.  I love thinking about all our hearts being different shades and colors.  I used to ask people the color of their heart.  I miss this.  I miss a culture where asking such a question is not silly or strange and where answering is taken seriously, with the upmost reflection and care.

Tonight I realized that I am no longer petit sirah.  That was before marriage and motherhood.  Surely I have been made new.  The color of beets, malbec or even limes, come to mind, but without my sisters I just can’t commit.  I need their faces, laughter and desire to talk real.  To go there, to that place few like to go, but a place where the three of us live.

Tonight I realize that the more I live, the more I cherish good women in my life, especially these two.  So, tonight I hold up my glass of red to my sisters, who are thousands of miles away but are most definitely near my heart.  A heart that has yet to decide its new color.  Sisterhood reunion, come quick…