To Decorate With Purpose + A Leaf Crown Tutorial

I would consider myself a minimalist, not because it's trendy, but because my spirit does not thrive in an environment that is anything but. I want my home to be filled to the brim with happy, creative, and curious children who are not afraid to make messes and get dirty, but for me to attain this requires mental and physical space. For me this means owning less, and owning just what we need. I identify with minimalism for practical reasons as well, and that is, we live in 650 square feet. There is no room for excess. Of course, less, need and excess are all realtive, but I have begun to know what those things, look and feel like for us. It is a heck of a lot less than I once thought, and it is perhaps still more than bare necessity. Almost everything we own has a reason and purpose, but I also believe it is good to have a few things, just for the soul, like a wall full of my favorite photographs and colorful lights for evening ambiance. 

When it comes to decorating our home for the holidays it is quite intentional, usually with more than one purpose. It is also has to be extremely budget friendly, as in, I have to be able to resell the girls clothes that are too small and are no longer of use, and use that humble chunk of change to make something magical happen. If a decoration can become an adventure, then an art project, followed by a magical play crown and finally a festive seasonal wreath, all while being completely free, AND environmentally friendly, then it should go without saying, it is well with my soul.

The girls and I had so much collecting leaves that we collected a whole bike full of leaves. Of course this was after jumping, dancing and laying in them for the entire afternoon. Now, two weeks later the leaves are hanging on our wall, completely dried out, but still in tact and not crumbly or messy like I assumed they would be. In fact they look just as beautiful as when they were vibrant and fresh. This means we might be making everyone we know a leaf crown/wreath, and there is no doubt about it, it is going to make your heart sing!  


inspired by Kirsten Rickert

You will need:

 - A lot of maple leaves (a small grocery bag full)

- Bakers yarn


1. Take 2 leaves and place 1 into the other. Tie a tight knot around the 2 stems, right at the base, leaving a few inches of string to tie off later. As far as the other side of yarn, I found it to be easier to keep the yarn connected to the stool until I am done with the crown. 

2. Holding the two leaves at the base of the leaf, start wrapping the yarn clockwise, as tight and close as possible to the stems. After 3 or 4 rotations, add another leaf on top of the others and repeat the process until you have reached your desired length. Until you get going, it will feel like you are placing the leaves almost directly on top of each other and it will be hard to see your progress. Just keep going, the tighter the closer the leaves are, the better the crown. 

3. Once you have gotten to the end and are done adding leaves, continue to wrap in bakers yarn you have covered all the stems. Then tie a double knot at the end, Cut your yarn, leaving a few inches to tie off. 

4. Connect the first and last leap together, letting the stems overlap and circle around underneath the crown. Tie off and double or triple knot until secure. Cut excess yarn. Voila, a leaf crown and or a wreath!