Travel Slow & Pay Attention

If and when you say you are bored it feels like I’ve won mother of the year. Raising you in a generation that needs to be entertained and occupied at every cost, in a world that stops for nothing, your words could not be more beautiful or valuable. At first they make me angry, “bored?” How could you be bored? Look at this beautiful green earth right outside your window, the rain and how it falls, the questions you could ask. I am here and available, ask my love, just ask.

There is a lot that can make me feel inadequate these days, but this is not one of them. I want to raise you to be comfortable with days without plans, and train rides without technology. To teach you how there is more art in the doing of nothing than your beautiful hands could ever paint, or minds could ever create. I don’t believe in boredom, for me it doesn’t exist. But if you must say and feel such a thing, then know that it is the catalyst for innovation, creativity and inspiration. Boredom is the space that makes us uncomfortable, maybe because it’s the direct route back to ourselves. To the potential that might feel scary to unlock so we just keep buzzing and filling our schedules with the things we need to do, so that one day, we can rest, reach our potential, live out our dreams. But the things we want already exist in this space between. In transition. In this so called boredom. It doesn’t make any sense, but I’m leanring that good things don’t have to. Boredom is like a space holder for serenditiptous encounters, and life giving connections. It’s the quickest way to magic, you just have to move slowly.

Modern life keeps getting faster and faster. It hardly feels like life at all. Travel slowly dear ones, and pay attention. Always pay close attention. Get comfortable with feeling bored and travel by train often. Both will forever be good for your soul.