no. one. will understand. 

(us )working through lifetimes 

now i know why 

no. one. understood (us)

it was not for them. 

we wanted the world, 

it was not 

(for us)

we always need parenthasis

or was it another barrier (?)

internal. visceral. we had lifetimes to conquer inside our walls. 

which is maybe why we moved, 

inside so many fucking walls, 

when it was not ever what we wanted.

we never wanted walls. a traditional home. 

or car, 

or all those things that keep a person caged.

we are shapeless creatures, needing and wanting nothing more than our wildest daydreams. our children will know this (about us) deeply 

we are circles, my love, and we always will be. 

but together

but we got squares and 


we got 

not what we wanted, but

just what we needed. 

and our hearts were thankful (enough)


they longed for more.

it wasn’t about us, here and now,

it was liftetimes ago,


we were just quiet and patient enough to listen.

the last 9 years.

to do the work, right here and now. 

because that is who we are. 

there was always something special about us, 

i just had no idea it would be our unraveling. 

our beginning of the end. 

the end of the beginning. 

everything now makes sense, 

in the most senseless way. 

i love you. 

i always will. 

no one will understand. 

they were never meant to. 

it’s not okay. 

but one day it will