Mama in the good light

This family holds the sweetest place in my heart. Our kids met the first day of Kindergarten last year. Abby found me on the playground a few days later and introduced herself as Sylas’s mom, curious if Octave has mentioned her son at all. Little did she know that I already knew so much about their family in just those short few days. Turns out that in Kindergarten you don’t actually eat lunch, you just share intimate and seemingly random details about your life to your new friends. Thankfully Octave likes to share every last detail about who, what, when, where and why when she is at school, so by day three I had learned about their sick and dying cat, that his dad is an artist who draws an elaborate lunch story (EVERYDAY) on a piece of foil, and he loves legos, the color pink, AND “easts nutritious veggies just like I do!” Sylas and Octave became quick friends and lucky for me (us) his parents have got to be some of the best humans you could ever come across. Seriously! Also they will feed you an almost completely grown in their garden, heart warming, taste bud bursting, euphoric meal when you come over for dinner, or lunch or breakfast, or whenever. They are a really special couple who clearly love each other endlessly, and have got to be some of the best parents I know. Their son is kind, and witty and the kind of person you dream your child will be friends with forever. They are the real deal these three, almost FOUR! The other night I snapped a few photographs of them before dinner. Abby could not be more stunning. Wow. I really can’t wait to meet this magical little human that is completing there family. I am so grateful that our kids connected and brought us together, and now it is no surprise to me that their souls connected on day one and that we were all supposed to be in each other lives.