The Sun Comes to Portland

When the sun shines in Portland no one is allowed to pee or nap or do anything that could possibly bring us indoors. We are out from sunrise to sunset, no matter how tired or cranky or hungry, or in our case, even sick. You pack snacks for the entire day and expect the most tired, happy humans come bedtime. Good God, our souls needed this. We were at the park all day, and made grilled pizzas on the rooftop all night. Bijou smelled of sweat and metal swing set and Octave's feet were black from spending the entire day, perched beneath a tree making "fairy gardens." I almost forgot how much I love summer. The smell, the joy, the willingness to say yes and just surrender. Ah. Eek. It is almost here!

And Bijou, I finally captured her the way I see and feel her. She is tricky to consolidate in a thought, memory or photograph, and I love that about her, but I often feel like the photographs I have of her say so little about who she really is. She lives in the transitions, the in between spaces that don't get much recognition. I can so deeply identify. But today I pulled my camera out after  a few weeks of trying my best to let my moments be rich and deep enough on their own, and I am so glad I did.