Heavy Hope

I woke with a really heavy heart and a pit in my stomach, as I am confident every other human I love and identify with did. But then I met with an incredible, inspiring woman this morning, who is on a similar journey of embracing the wholeness of her femininity, and who is sharing her story and her findings with the world. There was no talk of this election but somehow I left confident and inspired, knowing that real change is happening right here and now, as I start with myself, as I connect with other like minded women, and sculpt my daughters little souls. It starts with practicing all the things I preach, to them, with them, every single day. Like every mother, I want so much for my daughters. I want them to have the ability to connect and empathize with others. I want them to see humanity’s differences as something to celebrate and learn from, rather than something to be afraid of. I want them to have a deep respect for this earth, to take good care of it, to partner with it, to enjoy it, to give back to it. I want them to love being a woman. To know their cycles are a gift and something to celebrate, a guide, giving them deeper insight and wisdom, never a burden. I want them to love and adore every part of their body, especially those parts that are strangely taboo and left unspoken of. Yes, my girls already know their FULL anatomy at age 2 and 4, and I am crazy proud of that! I want them to love their minds and know they are capable of anything they can dream and conceive. I want them to know they are neither too much or too little, but just as they were made to be. And the most beautiful liberating realization, the really good news, is that these things don't come from a world leader, man or woman. They come from their mama, their first tangible example, their humble and vulnerable guide. It's starts here, it always has and it always will. So come what may, but me and my people and their peoples, people, we are a group unapologetic women (and men), wild and empathetic and alive and aware, and we are building this new world, from the bottom up. The best way, the only way. Cheers mamas, we’ve got this!