In Pursuit Of Happy Mornings

When I find myself haphazardly making breakfast for my family, with sleepies still in my eyes, before ever getting the chance to go to the bathroom (alone or otherwise) and even worse, before sipping my coffee, it's safe to say that my day is not predisposed to greatness. It seems so basic and obvious, you must put the mask on yourself before putting it on your child. Yet every mama out there knows that for a million reasons under the sun, it's just not that easy. And really, if it came down to it, I am pretty sure that I would be lunging head and heart first to get that mask on my children first. There is theory and then there is instinct.

Through a lot of trial and error I have learned that even when I am dog tired, staying up just a little later to pick up toys, fold that laundry and give my kitchen a fresh start, is always, always worth it. Waking up to yesterdays mess, while trying to prepare breakfast on a sliver of clean space, with those sleepies in my eyes, before ever going to the bathroom, and ever tasting my coffee, is just not wise. So, I've been wracking my brain for an inexpensive, simple breakfast that all four of us would eat and like. I saw this recipe for overnight soaked oats in one of my favorite cookbooks and had a inkling it was going to be my ticket to a crabby free, stress free morning. I've been convinced that I could just wake up to a healthy, nutritious breakfast and I could try to coach my husband to serve me coffee within moments upon waking, 7 am would be a happy time and place in our home. It turns out I was right. Octave is completely smitten with her own jar, hubs can eat his upon waking, or take to work. Bijou just wants what I have, and I am just happy to peacefully eat something other than the scraps that everyone else left behind. We've totally nailed it, at least for now. 

Overnight Soaked Oats

1/2 c. rolled oats

3/4 c. almond milk or other plant based milk

1 tbsp. chia seeds

1 tbsp. maple syrup

1/4 tsp. cinnamon

Pinch of cardamom 

Handful of fresh blueberries

Combine all ingredients, (reserving the berries) into a small/medium size jar and mix together thoroughly until combined. Garnish with a large handful of blueberries. Cover and place in the fridge overnight.

I sometimes make my jars for a day or two at a time in order to simplify my nightly routine. However, I have not tried longer than 3 days and count vouch for the result. 

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