As Good As it Gets

I am finding my voice after the hours, days, weeks, and now months of my relentless and steadfast "YES!" Saying yes, literally and figuratively has transformed every cell, and they can feel it too.  An unspoken truth fills my lungs, and slowly but surely, with each breath I am becoming more aligned with the woman and mother I've always longed to be. It feels like here and now is my golden age, my season to thrive, my "good ol' days," that I pray I get the privilege to tell my great grandchildren one day. I never want to leave, I want to stay here and now, with them, forever. I ache knowing I can't. I am ripped open knowing I desire the insurmountable. I must feel too deeply, for surely a human heart can't hold a beauty so fleeting, a joy so evolving, a love this consuming.