I'm Erin, a hopeful romantic, a dreamer and joy monger. I'm also a dancer, choreographer, and photographer. But most proudly, I am an intentional and sentimental mama.  I move through the city by bike or by foot and often feel like an ambassador for the slow, simple life. I feel most alive when I'm challenging cultural norms, drinking something bubbly, eating something savory, and cuddling with my family. I live with my ginger haired, roller blading husband and our wildly enthusiastic daughters in Portland, Oregon. 

I have been a passionate documenter for as long as I can remember. All the things I have gravitated towards in my life have included storytelling, whether it be through dance, writing or photography. These creative arts ground me and help me to slow down and savor every last moment of life. I feel, I dwell, I ruminate, and then I create.  Photography has made an impossible pursuit feel possible, and gives fuel to my insatiable desire to make things last forever. It is how I celebrate and preserve the beauty and heartache that stirs beneath my bones. 

"Photography gives us the ability to slow down our breathing long enough to drink in immortality. When you pick up your camera, you are telling death no thank you. You are telling the rules of being forgotten to sit the hell down. You are resetting the privilege of others back to zero and exchanging your negative equity for a fresh start. In art there are no rules, there is only courage. I think it’s time to be brave, then." -Michelle Gardella